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WISH Charleston

The people who face problems created by a lack of access to "Capitals", actually have the solutions themselves. It is time we get out of their way so that they can access what they require to rise themselves up. 


WISH stands for Williams Impact Side-hustle Hub which will be a place people can go to get free access to the things they need to bring their community-focused, for-profit, impact innovations to life. Capitals come in many forms, e.g, intellectual, historical, social, communal, connections, and of course financial. 

Capitalism has helped 80% of our population, we do believe it needs to be edited slightly which is why In Place Impact is a member of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. However, we fail to see why something that has worked for 80% of the people should be abolished, when what we really need to do is work very hard to get the remaining 20% of the population access to the benefits it brings.

In America, we live in a system where many hard working couples cannot afford to have children, while many non-working people can't afford not to have them! This insanity must stop, and frankly, we are tired of seeing the "not so soft" bigotry of low expectations alive and well in our community.


During the past 11-years we have done a great deal to support our community, including:

  • Designing, helping fund, and still helping teach the award winning ImpactX class at CofC

  • Designing, funding, and teaching the free Community Impact Entrepreneurship class that over 700 people have attended 

  • Teaching Impact Entrepreneurship at the Al Cannon Detention center

The impact focused innovations that come out of all these classes are profound, and many will make you cry. 


In Place Impact is in the process of setting up the Williams Impact Side-hustle Hub (WISH) where 40 people from marginalized segments of our community will be able to spend 4-months working on their impact focused innovations. They will receive all the professional advice they require, plus have access to computers, printers (including 3D), and software that are most often out of reach for them. 

WISH Charleston is not another not-for-profit, as it is being funded by cash flows that come from a company founded upon the principles of Making A Profit While Making A Difference. 


Our greatest WISH is to see people residing in marginalized and or disenfranchised segments of our community get early access to the capitals they need to change their lives, and to help make their community segments economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all of their residents. By having our WISH, support their WISH, we know we can make a difference. 

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